8 Ball Rule Comparison BCA BCA/KC APA
Call all shots x x o
8 ball on break - option to spot or rerack x o o
8 ball on break - win (lose if scratch) o x x
Table open after break x x o
Combination legal when table is open x x x
Jump shots legal x x ?
Can call safety (before making a ball) x x o
Foul on break - cue ball behind head string x x x
Foul after break - ball-in-hand x x x
Fouls: - - -
  a. Scratch (or cue ball off table) x x x
  b. Failure to hit your object ball first. x x x
  c. Failure to hit a rail after contact. x x x
  d. Causing movement of the cue ball. x x x
  e. Causing movement of any object ball. x x o
8 ball scratch is loss of game o x x